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Sky and Ocean

Sky and Ocean
  • Title: Sky and Ocean
  • Also Known As: Haneulgwa Bada
  • Genre: Friendship
  • Broadcast Date: October, 2009
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Casts: Jang Na Ra, Yoo Ah In, Hyun Jyu Ni, Baek Hyun Sook, Oh Jung Hae
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary/Reviews: 

    Ha-neul (Jang Na-Ra) is a gifted violonist who stays at home mostly. Bada ([[Juni (actress)|Juni) was abandoned by her parents. Jin-kyu (Yu Ah-In) lost his parents at an early age and now delivers pizza. Through music, friendship, and love these three friends will learn lessons on life.