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Strike Love

Strike Love
  • Title: Strike Love
  • Also Known As: 2009 Alien Baseball Team
  • Genre: Drama, Sports
  • Broadcast Date: May, 2009
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Total Episodes: 16
  • Casts: Kim Min Jong, Kim Seo-Hyeong, Park Jeong-Hak, Park Seong-Min, Song Ah Young, Yoon Tae Young
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary/Reviews: 

    Hye-seong Oh (Tae-yeong Yun), who excelled at skipping rocks as a child, loved Eom-ji Choi (Min-jung Kim). As childhood friends Eom-ji Choi made Hye-seong's life warm. Ten years later Hye-seong Oh has become a baseball player and meets Eom-ji again. She is in a relationship with another childhood friend Dong-tak Ma (Seong-min Park).

    One day, Hye-seong hides his injury as a pitcher and throws a perfect game. After that performance he disappears. Several years later, Hye-seong shows up with other baseball players who have sad stories and are thought of as cast-offs. They are known as "Kyong-pyoii Woeinjudan".