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Drama and movie list of kang sung jin

Fight (TVN)
  • Title: Fight (TVN)
  • Also Known As: 맞짱 / Fight
  • Genre: Action
  • Broadcast Date: October, 2008
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Total Episodes: 8
  • Casts: Jung Suk Wun, Kang Sung Jin, Lee Jong Soo, Uhm Tae Woong, Yoo Gun
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary/Synopsis: 

    The drama about men who engage in fights and a deep bond develops between them.

That Person Is Coming
  • Title: That Person Is Coming
  • Also Known As: 그분이 오신다 / That Person Is Coming
  • Genre: Comedy, Family, Romance
  • Broadcast Date: October, 2008
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Total Episodes: 97
  • Casts: Jun Jin, Kang Sung Jin, Kim Min Ji , Lee Moon Shik, Seo Young-Hee
  • Status: Coming Soon
  • Summary/Synopsis: 

    Lee Moon Shik and Seo Young Hee are siblings who lost each other and then they both got amnesia. Young Hee went on to become a famous actress and her brother became a chef.

Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung
  • Title: Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung
  • Also Known As: 칼잡이 오수정 / Butcher Oh Soo Jung
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Broadcast Date: July, 2007
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Total Episodes: 16
  • Casts: Kang Sung Jin, Oh Ji Ho, Park Da An, Uhm Jung Hwa
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary/Synopsis: 

    Go Man Soo is a world known golf player who was dumped by a former beauty queen, Oh Soo Jung, seven years ago. Their fate becomes reversed when Oh Soo Jung who is now known as an old maid comes chasing after Man Soo who is now a 'golden bachelor' with good looks and money.

Big Bang
  • Title: Big Bang
  • Broadcast Date: March, 2007
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Casts: Jang Hang Sun, Kam Woo Sung, Kang Sung Jin, Moon Jung Hee
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Summary/Synopsis: 

    A reserved salaryman cracks one day after being left by his wife and fired from his job. He ends up teaming up with a street thug on a rampage throughout Seoul.

Attack the Gas Station!
  • Title: Attack the Gas Station!
  • Also Known As: Juyuso seubgyuksageun / 주유소 습격사건 / 주유소 습격 사건
  • Genre: Crime
  • Broadcast Date: October, 1999
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Casts: Kang Sung Jin, Lee Sung Jae, Park Young Kyu, Yoo Ji Tae, Yoo Oh Sung
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary/Synopsis: 

    Four guys with nothing better to do decide to rob a gas station. When they find out there isn't as much money as they expected, they lock up the employees and take over to make more money. They don't know how to run the gas pumps, and when the customers complain, the guys take them hostage. Everything is more or less under a chaotic kind of control, until they order Chinese food and make the mistake of harassing the delivery boy. He rounds up a bunch of other delivery boys to attack the gas station. Another confrontation with a high school gang and the local mafia provokes a bigger fight. Finally the police arrive for the final showdown.

Kidnapping Granny K
  • Title: Kidnapping Granny K
  • Also Known As: Mission Possible: Kidnapping Granny K,Kwonsoonboon Yeosa Napchi Sageon
  • Genre: Comedy, Crime
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Casts:  Park Sang Myun, Kang Sung Jin, Na Moon Hee, Yoo Gun, Yu Hae-Jin
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary/Synopsis: 

    A band of less-than professional kidnappers try to hold onto a very difficult hostage whose ransom is worth a fortune.