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Drama and movie list of kim ji soo

King Geunchogo
  • Title: King Geunchogo
  • Also Known As: 근초고왕 (近肖古王) / Geunchogo Wang
  • Genre: Historical
  • Broadcast Date: November, 2010
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Total Episodes: 70
  • Casts: Ahn Jae Mo, Kam Woo Sung, Kim Ji Soo, Lee Ji Hoon, Lee Jong Won
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary/Synopsis: 

    The story of King Geunchogo, warrior king of Baekje. Under his reign, the kingdom experienced its glory days, with military conquests that saw him controlling most of the Korean peninsula and a subsequent enhancement of political power that reached its greatest height in Baekje's history.

Trace of Love
  • Title: Trace of Love
  • Also Known As: 가을로 /Ga-eul-lo
  • Genre: Romance
  • Broadcast Date: November, 2008
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Casts: Eom Ji-Won, Kim Ji Soo, Yoo Ji-Tae
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary/Synopsis: 

    A touring program producer Min-joo, takes notes in her journal whenever and wherever she travels, so one day she can show all those amazing places to her longtime lover Hyun-woo. Finally Hyun-woo passes the bar exam and proposes to Min-joo. However, not long after, Min-joo dies when the department store where she was waiting for Hyun-woo collapses. Hyun-woo becomes a prosecutor, but when he digs too deeply in a sensitive political case, he ends up in detention. While in detention (five years after Min-joo's death), Min-joo's parents send him Min-joo's journal, which gives him a road to trace all the memories of his lost lover.

Women Of The Sun
  • Title: Women Of The Sun
  • Also Known As: Sisters In Love / Women in the Sun
  • Genre: Melodrama, Romance
  • Broadcast Date: May, 2008
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Total Episodes: 20
  • Casts: Han Jae Suk, Jung Gyu Woon , Kim Ji Soo, Lee Ha Na
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary/Synopsis: 

    Shin Do Young is an announcer who instigates the jealously of all women around her because of her superior looks, great abilities, and great background. But Do Young has a deep, dark secret. She was actually abandoned at an orphanage when she was young but luckily she was adopted by a nice couple. The couple were unable to have their own children but were surprised when their biological daughter was born. Do Young, afraid that her parents would no longer love her anymore abandoned her 5 year old little sister, Ji Young, at a train station. Years have passed and Do Young meets a joyful girl, Sa Wol, who becomes her personal shopper. What happens when Do Young's terrible misdeed is revealed and that Sa Wol is actually the sister she abandoned at the train station all those years ago?

The Romance
  • Title: The Romance
  • Also Known As: Romangseu
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Romance
  • Broadcast Date: January, 2006
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Casts: Gi Ju-Bong, Jang Hyeong-Seong, Jo Jae Hyun, Kim Ji Soo
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary/Synopsis: 

    Yoon-hee is so harassed by her husband's obsession and frantic love, that even breathing is painful to her. One day, her sudden suicide attempt is foiled when someone takes her in his arms and saves her. Hyung-jun is a rough-looking detective. He asks nothing, but maybe he knows that for some people, just being alive is hard enough.