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Detectives of Seonam Girls High School

Detectives of Seonam Girls High School
  • Title: Detectives of Seonam Girls High School
  • Also Known As: 탐정단 / Seonam Girls High School Investigators
  • Genre: Youth, School, Mystery, Romance
  • Broadcast Date: December, 2014
  • English Subs:  Yes
  • Total Episodes: 14
  • Casts: Jin Ji Hee, Hyeri, Kang Min Ah, Lee Min Ji, Stephanie Lee, Lee Seung Yun, Kim Min Joon
  • Status: Complete
  • Summary/Reviews: 

    Based on the novel “Seonamyeogo Tamjungdan: Banggwa Hooui Miseuteori“ by Park Ha Ik which was published on 2013-Jan-25 by “Golden Bough Publisers”. Five students are members of a private investigator club at Seonam Girls High School. They try to solve the problems of private education, abortion, bullying, suicide and other problems in the Korean education system.